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The bells

Martin bellringers There have been church bells in Martin for hundreds of years, to make a joyful sound for the Lord. They have been used to call the faithful to church, and celebrate joyful occasions such as weddings. In earlier times, they have been used to warn of invasion.

Today, bellringing is not just a religious duty. It is also an extremely popular hobby. The Martin team of bellringers is affiliated to the Salisbury Diocesan Guild of Ringers. If you are interested in finding out more about bellringing, or in having a go yourself,  see clubs and activities for more information.

The weights of the bells, together with the date they were made and the founder are as follows:

Bells 4 and 5

Tenor83221606T Wallis
4th43161657F Foster
3rd4311934Mears and Stainbank
2nd40131934Mears and Stainbank
Treble33151939Mears and Stainbank