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Parish Council

Martin Parish Council is an elected tier of local government. It has been granted powers by Parliament to raise money through taxation. This is known as the precept. The precept granted to Martin Parish Council for the year 2011/12 was £5009.

The council has a say in a variety of matters concerning the community e.g. planning matters, highways, traffic, litter, seats, rights of way etc.

The council meets about eight times a year and the press and public are invited to attend all meetings.

The Local Government Act of 1894 provided for an elected rural parish council. The first meeting of Martin Parish Council was held in the schoolroom on 4 December 1894.

The Rev. W Michell took the chair and the following were elected as the first parish councillors for Martin:

Malachi Martin, Herbert Dibben, James Thompson, Ryland Flemington, George Read, Charles White and Emannuel Hunt.

The annual precept was £5.

The main causes for concern in 1894 were the state of the highways, footpaths, and a poor postal service.